Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I'm back! New Year Goals.

Hello my sweet baby angel faces! It has been so long since I even attempted to post on this blog. I promise to be here way more often this year. I have been working on revamping this page today, and lord is it confusing. Bare with me while I am going through changes on here, I will hopefully get it together soon. Today, I wanted to get on here and tell you my goals for 2015.

Goal #1:
Blog More!
Even if its not beauty swatches and makeup reviews, I am going to try to blog at least once a week. Whether its about mommy things, life, or just a quick update. For some reason I have never been one of those people who religiously read and make blogs. So that is goal number, get more involved in the blog world!

Goal #2
READ MORE! I have a room full of books, but have only read a few of them. I miss holding an actual book and getting caught up in a story. The last few books I have read were on my kindle and I'm no longer going to use that for reading, it old fashioned paper books for this momma!

Goal #3
Unplug from social media and spend more time with my kids. I try so hard to constantly post for you guys on all forms of social media and I feel like when I do that, I miss out on time with my kiddos. I am going to make a set schedule for blogging and youtube videos, so that I can be playing with my wee ones while they are still wee ones and still want to play with me lol.

Goal #4
Work hard to put out good quality content on my youtube channel. I don't want to do videos that I just throw together so that I have a video that day. I want to put a wide variety of videos up this year and put more effort into them. If you have any videos or blogs you would like to see this year, leave them in the comments below.

Goal #5
Lose the weight. No seriously. Everyone says that, but this time I'm for real. In the past 5 years I have lost a total on 120 pounds. I need to get back at it. I am not "large", but I do wish to be more fit. I have already started working on this goal by purchasing a treadmill and drinking more water. I'm not going to pay attention to the scale at all this time because I feel like its just discouraging and always makes want to give up when those pesky numbers don't change.

Goal #6
Share the love. Whether its a shoutout or a collab, I want to share the love more often than I did in 2014.