Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review: Lip Monthly July Box

So, you guys know me, I love a good subscription box! I am always jumping around and trying new ones out. I came across a box called, "Lip Monthly", a box full of lip products. I love my lippies so I decided to sign up and try it. Your first box is only $5.

I have really mixed feelings about this box. The site advertises well known, high end lip brands on their sites, so you would kind of expect some of those to be in the box. I've done a little research and seems as if everything in their boxes are things that companies have discontinued and gotten rid of. So basically you are getting left over product that wasn't very good or didn't sell well. NOT MY IDEA OF A GOOD BOX. Plus, There is no personalized quiz. I feel like they need a quiz, so that they know your skin type, what colors you lean towards, and if you adventurous with your makeup. Otherwise you end up with a box of lip products you will never use. But anyways, here are my thoughts on what I got in my box.
The first thing in this box was a john frieda sample, that I could purchase at target for about a buck. Not even a lip product and sadly this counted as one of my 5 items. Major SUCKAGE!
Next Up was this Revlon Colorburst Lip Color in Sunbaked. The swatch shows up on my hand, but not on my lips. The shade disappears. The gloss does feel nice on the lips and has a very faint scent. The card says it retails for $6.99.
The next item in my box was this City Color Lip Lush Luscious Lip Crayon in Mahogany. Its a very dark color, not my taste or anything I would wear on the daily.  And let me tell you...CRAYON is the right word for this! it is so dry it pulls my lips as I am trying to put it on. It's very patchy and very very dry! so this one is another no go for me. Had they had a quiz of some sort, i wouldn't have gotten such a dark color. These retailed online for $2.99.
Two cheapo city color items? really? At least this shade was more me. This is a city color lip balm in Mauve. Not sure why it is called mauve since its more of a barbie shimmery pink. This one did feel good on the lips and I did enjoy the color. This also retailed for $2.99.
The last thing in the box was this lipstick from Appeal Cosmetics in the shade Red Light District. Its a very creamy true red color. This is supposedly the pricey-ist item in the box retailing for $22. I find it odd that a lipstick brand I have never seen or heard of would cost $22. I feel like since it is such a creamy formula that you will have to line your lips! no one wants to look like a clown.

Overall, I am not happy with this subscription box, but I kind of want to give it another month, just to see if they up their game. Cause this box to me was a bust. Not worth my ten dollars to get 4 things I could go to the drugstore and get for $10. City color doesn't seem like a good brand for subscription boxes in the first place and then to have 2 items from the brand in this box is a real bummer. Plus, there are two shades in here that I don't really lean towards when shopping for lippies.

What did you guys think of this box? worth $10 a month? or should I cancel?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'm quitting youtube.

It's Time for my one year youtube anniversary!!!!! I am having a giveaway! i recently hit 250 subbies and thought why not give away some goodies :) The giveaway will officially begin July 12, 2014 and end July 26, 2014. I am using rafflecopter this time and the entry box is below my giveaway video! good luck to you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, July 11, 2014