Monday, June 30, 2014

Crest 3D Luxe Supreme FlexFit Whitestrips

New Review and Demo is up on my Channel :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Maybelline The Nudes Palette

yay! i finally got my hands on a new drugstore item early! normally our stores don't get the new things until 6 months later! so here is my get ready with me for the new Maybelline The Nudes Palette!

Thanks for watching <3 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A new size? whhhhaaaaaatttttt?

So today I was showing my mom the new clothes I got this weekend and complaining that once again forever 21's plus sections shrunk and I hardly had any clothes to choose from. Her response got me thinking....
"jen, why are you still buying clothes in the plus size sections if you aren't plus size anymore?!"
I had no answer. I have been thinking about if for a while and decided to post my thoughts on here. Lucky you :) lol. I don't know if I am still buying bigger clothes cause I like my clothes baggy and to hide the things I don't find attractive with my body or is it because I still see myself as the same size I was? My favorite tv show used to be what not to wear and a lot of the episodes were about people who had lost a ton of weight, but still lived in their old clothes. is that me? am i doing that? I was excited to go and get new clothes, but why did i get my usual sizes? I guess its a comfort thing.  I feel more comfortable in baggy clothes that hang off of me and hide my mid section.

Which brings me to more thoughts...will I ever be comfortable with my body? no matter how much weight I lose I always have extra skin because I lost 70 lbs really fast before I had kids. My husband and I have discussed it and i have considered getting it taking off when I buy my new boobies. I guess thats one plus to marrying into a family that has doctors and plastic surgeons. The thing is, I have only had one surgery in my whole life! hospitals give me the heeby jeebies! but I really want to be comfortable and happy with my body again. Of course, none of this will be happening for a while because we do want to have more kids. I feel like I am jumping all over the place with this blog...sorry. Lots on my mind. This past week was my five year wedding anniversary, but also the one year anniversary of my uncle mark passing. I think about him a lot. Its little things that remind me of him too. Like today I was putting my self tanner on and saw the scar on my leg. The scar that me and my 3 cousins share. We all stayed at my uncles for a weekend and he took us swimming in the river.  None of us know what bit us that night, but we all think it was turtles. All four of us were crying and bleeding EVERYWHERE! he rushed us up to the house and put us all in these really tall socks of his! they were huge! I can't remember what the heck happened after that or if he even told our parents what happened. It may have hurt, but I really like that I can look at that scar and remember a memory with my uncle mark. I don't know why I lost both my uncles early in life. Or why my two cousins lost their father when they were so young. Its hard on my grandmother. she is seriously the strongest and most amazing woman in the world. If i lost my mother, my husband, and my two sons, I would be a mess, I really don't know that I would have the strength to keep going. I know thats bad, but my family is my life and I couldn't even imagine losing one of them.
Well thats all of my random thoughts for today. Til next time my loves.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Right down the pooper

Good Morning my beautiful blog readers! todays blog will be absolute randomness...i am talking, whatever comes to mind! I haven't written in a while and i wanna slap myself for it lol. I guess i am just not meant to be a blogger! i enjoy talking you guys face to monitor way more than this way!

Today I am cleaning like a mad woman because we are supposed to have some rough storms between 3-11pm today. I heard that there might be "grapefruit" sized hail! holy shit! we had big hail here before, but now grapefruits! thats madness! So, I am making sure all the laundry and dishes are done and I have some pre made meals just in case we lose power! i have always been a prepper when it comes to bad weather. When you live in tornado alley, you develop a "storm routine". So i always do all the chores and pack a bag of clean clothes and all the things the kids need, in case we had to leave in a hurry. Ya just never know. My dad always said he loves that I am always prepared, but some people think i am nuts. These are the people that I will one day tell, better safe than sorry! right?

Other than storm prep today, I am editing! I filmed 5 videos with the hubster this weekend and will probably be posting one of those a week! we did some challenges. I really want to do the bean boozled challenge, but dang those things are expensive online. I am hoping the candy store near us has them.  

Oh! I had some baby drama last night too! my one year old loves to get in my lipstick drawer and wreck it. this is normally not a biggie, i just fix it when he is done. Well, last night i put the baby gate up on the bathroom door and walked away to the kitchen. I was only gone maybe 2-3 minutes and on my way through I see that the gate is down!!!! lipsticks everywhere! so i go on a mad organizing spree and sanitized all my makeup! lol. well I get up cause I have to tinkle and I see.......MY NEW MAKEUP PALETTES!!!! IN THE POTTY!!!! NOOOOOOO!!! I was actually gonna do a GRWM using them today, but I am not putting potty water on my eyes girlfriends! I am hoping i can replace them by the end of the week. what a little stinker that baby is! he has never thrown anything in the potty before. why did it have to be the makeup. laaaawwwwd! new makeup right down the pooper!

well i hope you guys enjoyed my randomness this morning! i am going to continue chores and drink my massive coffee! Love ya!