Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 1 of the Spring Back Your Body Challenge!

So today was day 1! Super pumped! I meant to wake at 6 am before the hubby and the kids got up so i could go for a run before, but I shamefully was so comfy and didn't move! We got up and I made the boys pancakes and I ate my veggie omelet that i meal prepped sunday. :) Then i watched some youtube and cleaned.
When I start a new diet, it never fails, my mother will always call that day and ask if we can go out to eat! So, we went to our local "roadhouse", but I behaved and had a grilled chicken salad! Then it was off to the store! I picked up some nice fruits and yogurts for snack for the week! I make out a weekly menu for what i want to eat and snack on all week. it helps me stay on track! :)
When the hubster got home, I went for a run for 30 minutes around our property! we have a lot of farm land and I am taking advantage of it! when i came back in I did about thirty minutes of zumba with my toddler! he makes zumba a lot cuter and way more fun!
Then came dinner, the babies wanted chicken and bunny wanted pizza, I made that for them, and stayed on track and had some chicken stir fry with lots and lots of veggies! I made enough of it to get me through the week! So sorry this post is so short! I am in a hurry! I hope you guys enjoyed this and let me know if you want me to keep you up to date! :)


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Back Your Body Challenge!

Hello my sweet baby angel faces! I have not blogged in forever! so sorry about that! its been busy! i have even fallen off my routine of posting videos everyday! i have got to get it back on track!!!
SOOOOO! I am so excited because monday I am going on a weight loss journey with some of my fellow you tubers! GlamMoms have started a spring back your body challenge for the month of April. I will post the video below :)

So excited! I am super pumped about it because I have struggled with my weight for years! i have had two kids so i definitely don't have the best body anymore! I always seem to do good on diet and workouts for about two weeks and then i lose all of my motivation! so i am hoping since i am doing it with some of my youtube friends, i will stayed motivated and keep with it! I lost 70 lbs and got pregnant with my first baby...then lost 50 lbs and got preggers with my second baby! so it is time to lose this baby weight! so pumped! be sure to follow me on instagram so you can follow my journey! i will also be vlogging!  Hope u guys will join in! So excited!
Talk to you soon!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Not a big fan of hospitals...

So for three days I was having abdominal bad that it was waking me up at night and I couldn't get back to sleep. So yesterday when i ate dinner it got a thousand times worse and i was laying in the floor in pain! So my mommy came and got the boys and my hubby came home and took me to the ER around 5 o clock. We got to the urgent care center and they checked me and said there was nothing they could do for me there and that i would have to go to the Emergency room. ugh! So we go there and they take my vitals and take my blood and then we go wait in the waiting room! which made me an awful nervous wreck because this little toddler had a seizure in the middle of the waiting room! i would be such a wreck if that was my baby! after that we sat there for what felt like forever! they finally call my name and tell me that i will be in a room with 6 other people and my husband is not allowed back with me! so I sat back there and watched Real World Ex-plosion and listened to all the weirdos next to me complain about how bad they wanted cigarettes! lol. So I was back there by myself for around 4 hours, they finally came in with this giant cup of yellow yuckiness and told me I need to drink it within 45 minutes and then at the hour mark I would be getting my Cat scan. that stuff was lemonade flavor and if you know me....I hate lemonade! can i at least get one the tastes like  a daiquiri? lol jk.  But i downed it in like 20 minutes and then I was freezing and had to ask for a blanket. I tried and tried to sleep, but couldn't because everyone in that room was hacking and coughing and talking about what kind of probation they are on. So around 2 in the morning they came and got me and rolled me in the wheelchair to the cat scan. which should really be called some kind of space ship! it was weird! I got in there and he tells me that they should have put an iv in. I HATE NEEDLES! but i suffered through it.  then he tells me to lay down pull my pants down to my thighs (yikes) and put my arms over my head. They rolled me in and told me hold my breathe.  oh joy! so after all that, they take me back to my room and i continue to watch tv and listen to all the odd hospital chit chat.  around 3:30am they came and told me that I had a large cyst on my right ovary and that they were going to give me pain and nausea medicine and send me home.  so she gave me my discharge papers and took my iv out and i thought i was home free. BUT! on the way out of the hospital doors I felt like my arm was wet so i ripped my hoodie off and the place where my IV was squirting blood everywhere! GROSS! it was a disaster! so today i spent the day resting. i did get my ipsy bag today and i will try to do an unboxing tomorrow!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014


So here in the lovely state of kentucky, it has been in the 70's all week! and it has been so nice because we have been able to get the kids out and play! BUT NOW...they are calling for snow!!!! grrr! I am so over winter...go away go away go away! no one likes you anymore!

Anywho, I have run out of ideas for videos...major brain farts this week! I am catching up on everyone's videos this week and majorly brainstorming what I want to do...I haven't worked on my wreck this journal at all this week and tomorrow is wednesday! I suck at life! so how are you? how's the weather? I hope the snow is leaving you guys alone!

Well...sorry for such a short post today, but I gotta go!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

baby wes :(

Hey guys! sorry I haven't posted all week! Wes has been sick since sunday! I called the doctor Tuesday and they said there was a bug going around and it should clear up in a few days! its now thursday and the poor thing is still miserable! So I am sitting here waiting until noon, so that i can take him.  Luckily my mommy in law is off work today and can watch Colt.

Any who...I have once again over filmed! lol! i can't help it! I just love making videos for you guys! But there won't be a "new" video until sunday!

So, I have been an emotional mess lately and I hate it.  I have realized that I have no girl friends that live here anymore.  All of my closest friends have moved away....I guess thats part of living by a military base :(  But I just feel so sucks...Hubby has been working a lot and I just have the kiddos.  I think thats why I like youtube so much. I get to have conversations with fellow adults. Considering that I talk to two babies all day.  But what I am getting at is that I am extremely thankful for my subscribers and fellow you tubers that are supportive. Even though I am going through a rough time, I feel like talking to my "you tuber" friends always makes me feel a bit thanks for that.

Sorry that I got all deep and debbie downer on you! haha!

In other news...I am going to have a battle of the balm stains video coming up soon! seems like every company has the big lip crayons now! so its time to compare! Beauty smack down time! haha! I have also been considering doing a weekly "what I'm loving" video...what do you guys think?

anyways...Gotta go!