Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wet N Wild Summer Festival Collection 2014

Once again I got suckered into buying another limited edition Wet N Wild Collection! I always get drawn in by the pretty colors and then get disappointed by the pigmentation. If you guts remember I got all the trios from the Pop Art Craze Collection and was extremely unamazed by it. So let's get into the swatches and then I will tell you what I think of them.
This is what they look like. I have 5 out of the 6 trios. The other one was sold out, but it was called Standing My Campground. These swatches were with no base underneath the shadows.

Lost My WristBand- Pastel Pink, Yellow, and Lime Green

No Scalpers Allowed- Light Cream with a bit of pink, Matte Purple, Glittery Purple/navy Shade

Something To Rave About- Light Pale Yellow, Sky Blue, and A Magenta

Who's Carpooling?- Matte White, Matte Green, Matte Blue

Sun-set to See- Light Beige Highlight, Medium Brown, and A Pumpkin Orange? Lol I have no idea how to describe that shade.

Some of these are hits and some are complete Poo, but its a toss up. I will have a live swatch video on my channel tomorrow. I will also being having a Get ready with me week (next week) using all of these. That way if you do have them or are thinking about getting them, you can see how they look on the eyes. 

Overall this collection is.....okay? Not that impressed. I don't know why their limited edition stuff sucks so bad and their permanent line is so amazing! its like they throw some stuff together really quick to get their collections out, instead of trying to improve them and make them as good as their other trios and palettes. What do you guys think about them? Which ones did you get?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review: Lip Monthly July Box

So, you guys know me, I love a good subscription box! I am always jumping around and trying new ones out. I came across a box called, "Lip Monthly", a box full of lip products. I love my lippies so I decided to sign up and try it. Your first box is only $5.

I have really mixed feelings about this box. The site advertises well known, high end lip brands on their sites, so you would kind of expect some of those to be in the box. I've done a little research and seems as if everything in their boxes are things that companies have discontinued and gotten rid of. So basically you are getting left over product that wasn't very good or didn't sell well. NOT MY IDEA OF A GOOD BOX. Plus, There is no personalized quiz. I feel like they need a quiz, so that they know your skin type, what colors you lean towards, and if you adventurous with your makeup. Otherwise you end up with a box of lip products you will never use. But anyways, here are my thoughts on what I got in my box.
The first thing in this box was a john frieda sample, that I could purchase at target for about a buck. Not even a lip product and sadly this counted as one of my 5 items. Major SUCKAGE!
Next Up was this Revlon Colorburst Lip Color in Sunbaked. The swatch shows up on my hand, but not on my lips. The shade disappears. The gloss does feel nice on the lips and has a very faint scent. The card says it retails for $6.99.
The next item in my box was this City Color Lip Lush Luscious Lip Crayon in Mahogany. Its a very dark color, not my taste or anything I would wear on the daily.  And let me tell you...CRAYON is the right word for this! it is so dry it pulls my lips as I am trying to put it on. It's very patchy and very very dry! so this one is another no go for me. Had they had a quiz of some sort, i wouldn't have gotten such a dark color. These retailed online for $2.99.
Two cheapo city color items? really? At least this shade was more me. This is a city color lip balm in Mauve. Not sure why it is called mauve since its more of a barbie shimmery pink. This one did feel good on the lips and I did enjoy the color. This also retailed for $2.99.
The last thing in the box was this lipstick from Appeal Cosmetics in the shade Red Light District. Its a very creamy true red color. This is supposedly the pricey-ist item in the box retailing for $22. I find it odd that a lipstick brand I have never seen or heard of would cost $22. I feel like since it is such a creamy formula that you will have to line your lips! no one wants to look like a clown.

Overall, I am not happy with this subscription box, but I kind of want to give it another month, just to see if they up their game. Cause this box to me was a bust. Not worth my ten dollars to get 4 things I could go to the drugstore and get for $10. City color doesn't seem like a good brand for subscription boxes in the first place and then to have 2 items from the brand in this box is a real bummer. Plus, there are two shades in here that I don't really lean towards when shopping for lippies.

What did you guys think of this box? worth $10 a month? or should I cancel?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'm quitting youtube.

It's Time for my one year youtube anniversary!!!!! I am having a giveaway! i recently hit 250 subbies and thought why not give away some goodies :) The giveaway will officially begin July 12, 2014 and end July 26, 2014. I am using rafflecopter this time and the entry box is below my giveaway video! good luck to you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, July 11, 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

Maybelline The Nudes Palette

yay! i finally got my hands on a new drugstore item early! normally our stores don't get the new things until 6 months later! so here is my get ready with me for the new Maybelline The Nudes Palette!

Thanks for watching <3 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A new size? whhhhaaaaaatttttt?

So today I was showing my mom the new clothes I got this weekend and complaining that once again forever 21's plus sections shrunk and I hardly had any clothes to choose from. Her response got me thinking....
"jen, why are you still buying clothes in the plus size sections if you aren't plus size anymore?!"
I had no answer. I have been thinking about if for a while and decided to post my thoughts on here. Lucky you :) lol. I don't know if I am still buying bigger clothes cause I like my clothes baggy and to hide the things I don't find attractive with my body or is it because I still see myself as the same size I was? My favorite tv show used to be what not to wear and a lot of the episodes were about people who had lost a ton of weight, but still lived in their old clothes. is that me? am i doing that? I was excited to go and get new clothes, but why did i get my usual sizes? I guess its a comfort thing.  I feel more comfortable in baggy clothes that hang off of me and hide my mid section.

Which brings me to more thoughts...will I ever be comfortable with my body? no matter how much weight I lose I always have extra skin because I lost 70 lbs really fast before I had kids. My husband and I have discussed it and i have considered getting it taking off when I buy my new boobies. I guess thats one plus to marrying into a family that has doctors and plastic surgeons. The thing is, I have only had one surgery in my whole life! hospitals give me the heeby jeebies! but I really want to be comfortable and happy with my body again. Of course, none of this will be happening for a while because we do want to have more kids. I feel like I am jumping all over the place with this blog...sorry. Lots on my mind. This past week was my five year wedding anniversary, but also the one year anniversary of my uncle mark passing. I think about him a lot. Its little things that remind me of him too. Like today I was putting my self tanner on and saw the scar on my leg. The scar that me and my 3 cousins share. We all stayed at my uncles for a weekend and he took us swimming in the river.  None of us know what bit us that night, but we all think it was turtles. All four of us were crying and bleeding EVERYWHERE! he rushed us up to the house and put us all in these really tall socks of his! they were huge! I can't remember what the heck happened after that or if he even told our parents what happened. It may have hurt, but I really like that I can look at that scar and remember a memory with my uncle mark. I don't know why I lost both my uncles early in life. Or why my two cousins lost their father when they were so young. Its hard on my grandmother. she is seriously the strongest and most amazing woman in the world. If i lost my mother, my husband, and my two sons, I would be a mess, I really don't know that I would have the strength to keep going. I know thats bad, but my family is my life and I couldn't even imagine losing one of them.
Well thats all of my random thoughts for today. Til next time my loves.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Right down the pooper

Good Morning my beautiful blog readers! todays blog will be absolute randomness...i am talking, whatever comes to mind! I haven't written in a while and i wanna slap myself for it lol. I guess i am just not meant to be a blogger! i enjoy talking you guys face to monitor way more than this way!

Today I am cleaning like a mad woman because we are supposed to have some rough storms between 3-11pm today. I heard that there might be "grapefruit" sized hail! holy shit! we had big hail here before, but now grapefruits! thats madness! So, I am making sure all the laundry and dishes are done and I have some pre made meals just in case we lose power! i have always been a prepper when it comes to bad weather. When you live in tornado alley, you develop a "storm routine". So i always do all the chores and pack a bag of clean clothes and all the things the kids need, in case we had to leave in a hurry. Ya just never know. My dad always said he loves that I am always prepared, but some people think i am nuts. These are the people that I will one day tell, better safe than sorry! right?

Other than storm prep today, I am editing! I filmed 5 videos with the hubster this weekend and will probably be posting one of those a week! we did some challenges. I really want to do the bean boozled challenge, but dang those things are expensive online. I am hoping the candy store near us has them.  

Oh! I had some baby drama last night too! my one year old loves to get in my lipstick drawer and wreck it. this is normally not a biggie, i just fix it when he is done. Well, last night i put the baby gate up on the bathroom door and walked away to the kitchen. I was only gone maybe 2-3 minutes and on my way through I see that the gate is down!!!! lipsticks everywhere! so i go on a mad organizing spree and sanitized all my makeup! lol. well I get up cause I have to tinkle and I see.......MY NEW MAKEUP PALETTES!!!! IN THE POTTY!!!! NOOOOOOO!!! I was actually gonna do a GRWM using them today, but I am not putting potty water on my eyes girlfriends! I am hoping i can replace them by the end of the week. what a little stinker that baby is! he has never thrown anything in the potty before. why did it have to be the makeup. laaaawwwwd! new makeup right down the pooper!

well i hope you guys enjoyed my randomness this morning! i am going to continue chores and drink my massive coffee! Love ya! 


Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Hey Guys! I have found something to add into my workout routine and thought I would share because I love it! A lot of you may have already heard of it, but the ones that haven't, here we go.
It's called Blogilates! Its a youtube channel featuring an amazing girl named Cassey Ho. She also has a blog...DUH! she does all kinds of weight loss tips, recipes, and specific workouts for every part of your body.  I have been doing the muffin top and love handle workouts and i can see a huge difference.

Everything else I was going to say is already on my live youtube update :) so be sure to check it out!

Click here for Cassey's Blog

Click here for my update video Weightloss Update

<a href="http://www.influenster.com/profile/jennirose28"><img src="http://widget.influenster.com/dc60a10e9b6e74a5d3be7c3fef07c836.png"></a>

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Last Day Of The Spring Back Your Body Challenge!

So sad its the last day of the #sbybchallenge, but i am proud i kept up with it for the whole month! I am going to continue on my weight loss journey, so don't be sad, my blogs are not over. :)  i haven't lost any weight this week, but i can see a huge difference in my body! so i am not sweating the number too much.  I have been doing a lot of the joanna soh workouts lately! she is an AMAZING health & fitness you tuber. I will link her channel here:

Her workout video for getting rid of the thigh gap will murder your legs, but in a good way. Today will be my third day doing it and OMG my legs hurt so good! I have a little over a month before vacay so I am going to kick it into high gear in May! I think I am going to only have carbs once a day instead of twice to see if it helps.

I am still doing my body wraps and I have been doing some research and a lot of people don't see major results until they have done about 3 weeks of the homemade wraps.  I see a bit of a difference from that. What I want from the wraps the most is to tighten up my lose skin...i can't find a workout that will help with it. :(

well i hope you guys enjoyed this quick update! hugs and kisses!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Update Time!

Hello my sweet baby angel faces!! How is everyone doing? the spring back your body challenge is almost over! I am going to be doing it longer. I have a big trip planned in june for me and the hubby's 5 year wedding anniversary and I wanna be a hot momma! I am currently down 4 pounds! which is exciting, but of course i wish it was more, but overall i am happy with my weight loss so far! I am pretty sure I am not the only one who screwed up over the holiday weekend! I am sure most of us ate unhealthy and ate way too much! Holidays suck as far as diets go, but monday morning I was ready to kick my own ass again.

Something that has been helping me stay on track is an app called myfitnesspal! its awesome! it counts calories for you! All you do is type in your food and your exercise and it calculates it all for you. It has really helped me keep up with my eating habits! i have been trying a lot of different detox drinks this past week and although they aren't the tasty things in the world, they seem to be working, as far as flushing out my system.

I just got back from my run...I had been doing 4-5 laps around our farm, but today I pushed myself and did ten laps! pretty proud of myself, but I thought i was going to have to call the ambulance! lol!

I feel like I jumping all over the place with this blog, but I am in a hurry. lol.  Well, gotta go! love ya guys!


Friday, April 18, 2014

Emotional Mess and Busy Momma

Sorry I haven't posted much! this week has been insanity! My little baby wes turned one! I cannot believe it! I have baby fever so so so bad right now.  I have pretty much been eating the same things that I was in my past blogs. I am still doing my body wraps and they seem to be working. Its pretty awesome really. I am going to do a blog post on it eventually, but I am still experimenting with different ingredients.
Another thing I started this week is drinking some fruit infused water that is supposed to help with detoxing your body. I got a pitcher and filled it with water, chopped up a lemon, and a whole cucumber, threw everything together and let it steep overnight.  I drank on it all day and I did feel more energized. I am going to stick with it and try out some new detox recipes. Plain water gets old quick.

Tomorrow is weston's party and I am making it my cheat day, which I know is bad, but its tough to count calories that day. I am not a quitter....just a ....pauser if you will. lol. i will still workout as usual, maybe a little more than usual. I burned most of my calories today by decorating for west's party! It was a killer workout.

Well, sorry this isn't a long blog, but I am super busy this weekend and just wanted to post a quick update! Love each and everyone of you!

OH WAIT! THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! I am now down 4lbs!!! in just 18 days! whoop whoop! yea yea!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Anxiety and Exhaustion

Pardon my language.....but i am dragging ass today! I was up all night long! When they mention the word tornado, my anxiety kicks in to high gear! I sat up all night listening to the wind and worrying I was gonna have to go wake up the kids and seek shelter! Ugh! I hate it, but it happens.  The reason I am telling you this is because I was extremely exhausted today! It was hard to function! I got up and had my usual breakfast(english muffin, egg,ham, and cheese) and made the boys their pancakes.  Then I started working out decorations for Wes' birthday party. Then I switched out wes' 9 month clothes for 12 months! so sad :( he will no longer be a little baby! makes me want another baby....REALLY BAD!!!!! what made it worse was going and meeting people that bought our baby furniture on craigslist!! all the rocking chairs, play mats, bouncer, and jumperoos are slowly leaving my house!! I have totes and totes of boy clothes to go through and sell and donate! it's crazy!
So for lunch I had a tuna melt! it was sooooooo good! I use half a whole grain bagel, tuna, tomato, and cheese! Pop it in the oven and its a little piece of heaven! I have been addicted the past few days! I did two miles of walking, cleaned the house, did dishes, and MORE of the never ending laundry. Then for dinner we had turkey tacos. Not the healthiest thing in the world, but I was craving mexican food!
Well, I can barely hold my eyes open to type this...so I will talk you guys later!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

3 days behind!!!

I am 3 days behind on my blog! whoopsy doodles! I basically have had the same breakfast and lunch all week. Whole grain english muffin with egg, half a slice of cheese, ham, and tomato.  Lunch has been my chicken and veggie stir fry...I surprisingly haven't gotten tired of it yet. I have been eating cranberries or apples for snacks. they are very tasty and very filling. Another snack that I have been loving are the Stacy's Pita Chips. I was just eating the garden veggie ones (9 chips for a serving) and they are pretty good. I got lucky and caught them on sale this week and picked up the cinnamon sugar ones! they are so good with frozen yogurt and regular yogurt! yummy yummy! Dinner has been different these past few days. I have either eaten a veggie burger (with only one slice of wheat bread) or I have been eating baked italian chicken!
It has been super nice here this week, so to burn calories I have been walking and playing outside with the babies! Still doing my walk away the pounds at night! I actually attempted the 5 mile today, but only made it to 3 1/2. But I am still pretty proud of myself! tomorrow the kiddos are going to my parents and sam and I are cleaning out the garage, so that will burn some major calories! i am missing  a lot of things i used to workout with, so i am hoping to find them in the mess that is our garage lol!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day #9 #sbybchallenge

So last night I tried out the homemade body wraps! I do feel like i saw a subtle difference, but nothing major. I am going to do it every night for a week and see what happens. I also wore one during my afternoon workout and man was i sweating!

Anyways.... for breakfast I had a Ham, egg, and cheese on an english muffin. Very tasty...a nice change from my veggie omelet that i got bored with!
I did some stretching and one mile after breakfast. Also did some cleaning, which was an easy calorie burn!
We were on the move during lunch, I got the boys happy meals as a quick meal (which i rarely do), and I just had two of their nuggets...which was not the healthiest choice, but I had to eat something.

Did two miles after lunch and part of a squat workout.

For dinner I made some quesadillas with my left over chicken breast and some salsa. DELICIOUS!

I did another mile after that and some major cleaning on our hardwood and tile floors!

I was having a major sweet craving after dinner, so I cut up an apple, sprinkles some cinnamon and truvia on it, and microwaved it for a minute! VOILA apple pie...well not really, but close lol.
Now I am sitting here writing and planning things for our secret road trip! see you guys tomorrow!


BzzAgent: Good2Grow

<img src="https://img.bzzagent.com/image/good2grow.jpg?Type=activity&Activity=8892205200&Campaign=1420698624&Uid=1356116&token=a2eccfe90218817ba097be004be47c11" alt=""/>

I got picked for another bzz campaign and this time my kids got excited! they sent a 6 pack of the good2grow drinks, an 8 oz bottle of juice, and 3 character tops. My son was super excited! he loved the tops! we got cinderella, jasmine, and mike from monsters inc! We also received some coupons for FREE six packs to share with family and friends.
What I was surprised about was that the booklet it came with showed all the benefits in the good2grow juices compared to other kids drinks.  its crazy that all of the juices i typically buy my kids, have nothing good in them...just sugar! i will definitely be switching my kids drinks! thanks bzzagent and good2grow!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day #8 #sbybchallenge

This is going to be a quick post, but I want to make sure I update you guys!
Breakfast- Fried Egg, English Muffin, and half a slice of cheese. I also had a wonderful cup of much needed coffee. LOL.
I did one mile of walking and some dancing and cleaning to burn calories after breakfast. :)
Lunch- My usual...chicken and veggie stir fry<3
I did another mile after that and some yoga.
 Then I decided that since my baby is about to be one!!!!!!!!!!! I would make a fun life change! So I went and got some hair color! they didn't have the color I went for, so for now I will be rocking a bright red! I also got some stuff to make a homemade body wrap!  to see if it helps tighten my extra skin from my pregnancies.
for dinner i had garlic shrimp and veggies. Then had an apple to cure my sweet tooth. I did weight in today and I am still only down 2 pounds, but I am not discouraged, I had to start somewhere.
I did some walking and did 5 minutes on the elliptical, which wasn't a lot, but it was something!
I plan on dying my hair, making my body wrap, and doing another mile! :)


Monday, April 7, 2014

Day #7 #sbybchallenge

So, the boys and I have the worst colds ever! So we ended up sleeping in this morning, when I got up I decided I wanted have a quick and easy breakfast. I had a Yopa Strawberry Greek Yogurt and a banana. I did some stretches and "lose the love handles" workouts! I will post them here:
For Lunch I had my chicken stir fry! and then caught up on some DVR, but while I watched it, I walked in my living room and did leg lifts and just kept moving the whole time. The more calories I burn, the happier I am. I will probably have some kind of eggs for dinner. It just sounds good. lol.  I will probably also do the walk away the pounds video because its rainy and gross outside today, so no run for me.

Day #6 #sbybchallenge

Oh lawd! Day 6 was a disaster! I was in a rush because the mouse for my computer kept losing connection, so I had to drive an hour to the apple store! So I got ready in a hurry, ate a quick little turkey meatloaf sandwich, packed up the kids, and ran out the door. When we got up to the apple store, it was for once, a quick trip! they just replaced my mouse and sent me on my way. Which led to me taking the boys to the disney store and letting them pick out a toy each. When we headed back home the  hubby decided that he wanted us to stop and eat at hooters! normally I would order a salad, but i was starving! so i ended up getting a burger, which was so grossly greasy that it made me sick! I had starbucks too! so I was a horrible horrible diet cheater yesterday! I did convince my mom to cook a little healthy for sunday family dinner! We had grilled italian chicken and roasted broccoli! deliciousness! I felt so bad about cheating on my diet yesterday that I ended up hiking for over an hour with the dogs last night! I also did 20 minutes on the elliptical! Anyways, I am back on track today, but still mad at myself.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Day #5 #sbybchallenge

Hello my sweet baby angel faces!
so...its day 5! i cheated yesterday and weighed myself and I had lost 2lbs! pretty excited about it!
So for breakfast I had my cheerios and 1% milk with a little bit of truvia. I was out of my egg omelet. After breakfast I did my "walk away the pounds" for 2 miles! I wanted to do a good morning workout today because i wasn't feeling all that well and was afraid i would end up lounging all day. I have found that i love to do cool down yoga after a run or workout. it is so relaxing and i feel like my muscles aren't as sore the next day.
For lunch I had my chicken stir fry. Lots of chicken and veggies!! so good!
After lunch I did some squats and then cleaned! (easy calorie burn)
For dinner I had what the rest of the family had, which was a quick chicken velveeta meal. which was a horrible choice cause that would mean i needed another big workout after dinner to work off those calories! so I did 1.5 miles after dinner and then some yoga to calm down and cool down. I feel really good now. I do have a lot more energy! and i find myself more motivated every time i get on instagram and see how everyone else is doing in the challenge! well it is a short post for tonight, but i am ready to snuggle with my babies! love you guys and talk to ya tomorrow :)


Day #4

Well I am late for my post! so there may be two posts today! it was day 4 of the spring back your body challenge and it was rainy and stormy here! which meant all my workouts would be indoors! so in the morning I just did some cleaning around the house, sweeping, mopping, and laundry. It all burns some calories! For breakfast yesterday, I was a little bored of my veggie omelet, so I had a bowl of cheerios with 1% milk.  It was a nice!
I didn't get to have lunch until around 2pm! i had my chicken stir fry and a few cranberries. Then I did some workouts. The one I like to do on rainy days is "walk away the pounds'! my mom lost a lot of weight doing that workout everyday! there is a 1,2, and 3 mile version. I will post the one I did (2 mile) link below:
I put the video on full screen and on mute, so I can listen to my music mix that keeps me motivated! I will post my top workout songs on my next blog post! So I did the walk away the pounds workout and realized I was soooooo sore from running all week! I pushed through though!
For dinner I also switched it up and made a grilled chicken wrap with spinach, tomato, and a smidgen of ranch. I also skipped my dessert last night, but I have been having a greek yogurt after dinner. I decided not to because I had a late dinner! I try not to eat after 6pm!
Well that's all for day 4! I will have day 5 up tonight! good luck to everyone else doing the #sbybchallenge!


P.S. I also posted my weight loss story:

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#sbybchallenge day #3

What a day!
What a day!
I got up ate my veggie omelet and worked out! I started out doing some yoga, but it really didn't work out for me because my kids wanted to pull my hair and drive their cars on my back! lol...so much for yoga being relaxing! so then I tried to find the T25 workout everyone is talking about, but couldn't find it. So I ended up doing this:

Its a nice 15 minute workout, but I will be honest, I only didn't about 8 minutes, just because i thought i may die lol!

So later we had lunch, today I switched it up and had a veggie burger, with only one slice of bread, a slice of tomato, and a pinch of ketchup! it was pretty tasty, I have always liked my veggie burgers though.
After Lunch I did some more yoga and then I did some zumba! I will post the links below :)
I have tried zumba on the wii, but I can't get into the music. But youtube has tons and tons of zumba workouts with great and current music!

I haven't eaten dinner yet, but I will probably be eating my stir fry that I meal prepped on sunday. And when they hubster gets home I will be going for a run.

I am trying to only weigh myself on mondays, because in the past I would weigh myself everyday and then be disappointed when I wasn't losing or when it would fluctuate! muscle is going to take over fat, which may make your weight go up at first.

Its only day 3 and I can already tell my hips are smaller.  My legs are extremely sore, but I am still pushing through to get to my goal! I hope this helped or inspired you guys! I will be talk to ya tomorrow!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day #2 of the #sbybchallenge

Day 2...this will be short and sweet! I had the same meals as yesterday, except today I had pretzel sticks as a snack. My first workout was this video:
I have the dvd, but can't find our remote (nothing unusual here)! so i watched it online, which is good because i can share the link with you! for me, its important to change up my workouts everyday so that I don't get bored with them. But for today I did the biggest loser boot camp...I only got about half way through before Wes woke up from his nap.  I plan on going for a run later tonight when the hubby is home! I hope I can do 5 laps around our farm today, I only could do four yesterday before I felt like calling an ambulance to come get me LOL! well so short again! thanks to all of you sticking with me and thanks to all the ones supporting me through my weight loss journey!


Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 1 of the Spring Back Your Body Challenge!

So today was day 1! Super pumped! I meant to wake at 6 am before the hubby and the kids got up so i could go for a run before, but I shamefully was so comfy and didn't move! We got up and I made the boys pancakes and I ate my veggie omelet that i meal prepped sunday. :) Then i watched some youtube and cleaned.
When I start a new diet, it never fails, my mother will always call that day and ask if we can go out to eat! So, we went to our local "roadhouse", but I behaved and had a grilled chicken salad! Then it was off to the store! I picked up some nice fruits and yogurts for snack for the week! I make out a weekly menu for what i want to eat and snack on all week. it helps me stay on track! :)
When the hubster got home, I went for a run for 30 minutes around our property! we have a lot of farm land and I am taking advantage of it! when i came back in I did about thirty minutes of zumba with my toddler! he makes zumba a lot cuter and way more fun!
Then came dinner, the babies wanted chicken and bunny wanted pizza, I made that for them, and stayed on track and had some chicken stir fry with lots and lots of veggies! I made enough of it to get me through the week! So sorry this post is so short! I am in a hurry! I hope you guys enjoyed this and let me know if you want me to keep you up to date! :)


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Back Your Body Challenge!

Hello my sweet baby angel faces! I have not blogged in forever! so sorry about that! its been busy! i have even fallen off my routine of posting videos everyday! i have got to get it back on track!!!
SOOOOO! I am so excited because monday I am going on a weight loss journey with some of my fellow you tubers! GlamMoms have started a spring back your body challenge for the month of April. I will post the video below :)

So excited! I am super pumped about it because I have struggled with my weight for years! i have had two kids so i definitely don't have the best body anymore! I always seem to do good on diet and workouts for about two weeks and then i lose all of my motivation! so i am hoping since i am doing it with some of my youtube friends, i will stayed motivated and keep with it! I lost 70 lbs and got pregnant with my first baby...then lost 50 lbs and got preggers with my second baby! so it is time to lose this baby weight! so pumped! be sure to follow me on instagram so you can follow my journey! i will also be vlogging!  Hope u guys will join in! So excited!
Talk to you soon!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Not a big fan of hospitals...

So for three days I was having abdominal pains...so bad that it was waking me up at night and I couldn't get back to sleep. So yesterday when i ate dinner it got a thousand times worse and i was laying in the floor in pain! So my mommy came and got the boys and my hubby came home and took me to the ER around 5 o clock. We got to the urgent care center and they checked me and said there was nothing they could do for me there and that i would have to go to the Emergency room. ugh! So we go there and they take my vitals and take my blood and then we go wait in the waiting room! which made me an awful nervous wreck because this little toddler had a seizure in the middle of the waiting room! i would be such a wreck if that was my baby! after that we sat there for what felt like forever! they finally call my name and tell me that i will be in a room with 6 other people and my husband is not allowed back with me! so I sat back there and watched Real World Ex-plosion and listened to all the weirdos next to me complain about how bad they wanted cigarettes! lol. So I was back there by myself for around 4 hours, they finally came in with this giant cup of yellow yuckiness and told me I need to drink it within 45 minutes and then at the hour mark I would be getting my Cat scan. that stuff was lemonade flavor and if you know me....I hate lemonade! can i at least get one the tastes like  a daiquiri? lol jk.  But i downed it in like 20 minutes and then I was freezing and had to ask for a blanket. I tried and tried to sleep, but couldn't because everyone in that room was hacking and coughing and talking about what kind of probation they are on. So around 2 in the morning they came and got me and rolled me in the wheelchair to the cat scan. which should really be called some kind of space ship! it was weird! I got in there and he tells me that they should have put an iv in. I HATE NEEDLES! but i suffered through it.  then he tells me to lay down pull my pants down to my thighs (yikes) and put my arms over my head. They rolled me in and told me hold my breathe.  oh joy! so after all that, they take me back to my room and i continue to watch tv and listen to all the odd hospital chit chat.  around 3:30am they came and told me that I had a large cyst on my right ovary and that they were going to give me pain and nausea medicine and send me home.  so she gave me my discharge papers and took my iv out and i thought i was home free. BUT! on the way out of the hospital doors I felt like my arm was wet so i ripped my hoodie off and the place where my IV was squirting blood everywhere! GROSS! it was a disaster! so today i spent the day resting. i did get my ipsy bag today and i will try to do an unboxing tomorrow!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014


So here in the lovely state of kentucky, it has been in the 70's all week! and it has been so nice because we have been able to get the kids out and play! BUT NOW...they are calling for snow!!!! grrr! I am so over winter...go away go away go away! no one likes you anymore!

Anywho, I have run out of ideas for videos...major brain farts this week! I am catching up on everyone's videos this week and majorly brainstorming what I want to do...I haven't worked on my wreck this journal at all this week and tomorrow is wednesday! I suck at life! so how are you? how's the weather? I hope the snow is leaving you guys alone!

Well...sorry for such a short post today, but I gotta go!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

baby wes :(

Hey guys! sorry I haven't posted all week! Wes has been sick since sunday! I called the doctor Tuesday and they said there was a bug going around and it should clear up in a few days! its now thursday and the poor thing is still miserable! So I am sitting here waiting until noon, so that i can take him.  Luckily my mommy in law is off work today and can watch Colt.

Any who...I have once again over filmed! lol! i can't help it! I just love making videos for you guys! But there won't be a "new" video until sunday!

So, I have been an emotional mess lately and I hate it.  I have realized that I have no girl friends that live here anymore.  All of my closest friends have moved away....I guess thats part of living by a military base :(  But I just feel so lonely...it sucks...Hubby has been working a lot and I just have the kiddos.  I think thats why I like youtube so much. I get to have conversations with fellow adults. Considering that I talk to two babies all day.  But what I am getting at is that I am extremely thankful for my subscribers and fellow you tubers that are supportive. Even though I am going through a rough time, I feel like talking to my "you tuber" friends always makes me feel a bit better...so thanks for that.

Sorry that I got all deep and debbie downer on you! haha!

In other news...I am going to have a battle of the balm stains video coming up soon! seems like every company has the big lip crayons now! so its time to compare! Beauty smack down time! haha! I have also been considering doing a weekly "what I'm loving" video...what do you guys think?

anyways...Gotta go!


Monday, February 24, 2014

Good Morning!

Good Morning My sweet baby angel faces! I have the worst case of the mondays today! I think a lot of it has to do with us getting more snow! UGH! I am so so so ready for spring!  I don't think a gallon of coffee will help me wake up today!
In other news...I went to use the double ended brush that came with my naked 3 palette and it was broken in half :'( so now i am just waiting for them to send me a new one. I am debating glueing the old one back together and using them both! lol. The flat side of the brush kind of sucks. Its really stiff so you can pack on the color, but really it just sucks up all your eyeshadow and you end up with hardly any product on your lids. The fluffy side of it is amazing though! love love love! I will be having a full review on the palette sometime next month. I want to experiment and play around with the palette for a while before I do the review! I also found a good sale on some lippies I have been wanting to try, so i picked them up. yea yea...i know...i am supposed to be on a no buy! but i couldn't resist a good sale! lol!
Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this little random update! and i will see you later!


Friday, February 21, 2014

Ice, Snow, and Tornadoes....Oh my!

Hello My Lovelies!
So ya know just a few days ago, I was so happy that all the snow melted here, but unfortunately it brought tornadoes and thunderstorms! ugh! can we just have nice normal weather again? darn global warning! aaaannnnywho....how have you guys been? I just announced the winner of my 100 Subscribers Giveaway! So go check out that video if you haven't already! I am glad to welcome all of my new subbies I have gained in the past two weeks! Youtube is honestly my favorite thing to do! That is why I have a video up everyday! :) Do you all live new vids every day or should I get on some kind of new schedule?

So my baby turned 10 months this past week :( so sad! my babies are getting so grown up! I have never been an emotional person, but thinking about my babies not being babies anymore is just so sad! I am so glad they are healthy and growing, but who doesn't want them to stay little and cuddly forever?!?!  I did a throwback thursday on my instagram of me during this time last year! 8 months pregnant! oh how i miss those days! however, there will be no more babies in this oven until both my babies are in school! I always said when I was younger that I wanted 5 kids! I don't know if I will ever have that many, but I do want 3! I really would love to have a baby girl! I love my boys so so so much!

Anyways! I will see you guys later! sorry this blog is so random :)


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Day!

I am so happy today! It rained all night and melted most of the snow away! which may not sound like  a big deal to some of you, but we have had a pile of snow and ice for 3 weeks! I am not sad at all to see it go! I heard that the temp here is going to be up in the 60's today! which means i can get out and take the kids walking! yay! I haven't been able to play with them outside in what feels like forever! I am still filtering out my pre recorded videos, so that I can get some new ones up. There should be some brand new videos starting next saturday. Hope you guys like these quick little updates! See you later! :)


Monday, February 17, 2014


Hey my lovelies! I am so sorry I have been MIA! I'm back! what have you guys been up to? what did you do for v-day? we took the kids out for a family fun day! and yes I vlogged it! I have so many videos I have filmed for you guys that I am backed up! So some videos that are being published are a week or so old! so i am taking a break from filming this week so that I can filter through the ones that are already scheduled to be uploaded! I am thinking of doing pregnancy progression videos from when I was pregnant with my sons for a mommy monday video...would u guys like that? idk I thought it might be fun! I am also planning a lot of get ready with me videos! the other day i realized I never filmed a eyes on the 60's tutorial! so i need to come up with a look for that :) well sorry this blog is so short! I will write you guys again soon!


Thursday, February 6, 2014


Hello My Lovelies! How are you guys doing? I am doing a lot better today than I was yesterday! I just got done doing day 2 of the 30 day guns, buns, and abs challenge! last month i did the 30 day squat challenge! I will post both of the challenges down below, just in case you guys want to do them along with me :) I am still sticking with my resolution of getting back to being healthy! I was clean eating, but kind of fell of the wagon.  I am still watching portions and everything though.  
Anyways, part of my ulta haul came in today, but not all of my stuff. As soon as its all here, be prepared for a massive haul! :) gotta love birthday gifts! 
Well, I don't really have too much to blog about tonight! Hope you guys are having a great thursday night!  


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

One of those days...

Hello My Lovelies! It has been one of THOSE days! My toddler got up at 5 in the morning and he was not drowsy at all, he was full of energy....I was....not. Don't worry...my day got even worse.  So, normally I go in the playroom and watch the boys play, well while I did so I kept hearing an odd noise! I walked in the living room and the dog had eaten a hole in our couch!!!!! seriously? of all things?

Don't worry...it got worse...

Later this morning I got super excited because the mail was here! If you guys have been following me for a while, you know that this is my favorite time of day! I always get my online orders and some kind of good freebie! BUT TODAY...I see my mail lady pull up and I decided I would put my slippers on and meet her halfway so that she wouldn't have to walk all the way to my door. So, I get my shoes on and open the door...and see her throw my box at the door and walk off!!!!!! I said, "um....Why did you do that?" And her reply........."I didn't want to walk on the ice!!!!"

Oh goody! thanks so much for throwing my box and shattering all of my new makeup! greatly appreciated! ugh! 

On top of that, its cold as sh*t here and I just don't want to venture outside for anything! I am so ready for winter to be over! no more snow! who is with me????

So, today was not a horrible, no good, awful day, but I needed to rant! LOL! I really hope the rest of this week goes better than today! See you guys tomorrow!  


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Get Naked?

Hello my lovelies!   OMG! I cannot believe what just happened! So for my birthday I got a lot of amazon and Ulta Gift cards and ordered a bunch of new makeup to try out for you guys. Well, when I was shopping I kept trying to convince myself to get the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, but couldn't bring myself to buy it...why would I want to spend all my birthday money on one thing, when I can try out like 10 different things from the drugstore with that money. So, I ordered a ton of new things and spent my gift cards. Some of you know that my son's birthday was Sunday, well at his party my dad handed my some money and told me happy late birthday! After the party, I got online and filled up my cart with all sorts of goodies, but kept contemplating the naked 3 palette! I have never owned a high end palette before...mostly because I am a tight wad when it comes to makeup. I normally only buy makeup when there is some sort of sale or discount. Well Ulta was giving a free liner with the palette and if you spent $50 you got free shipping and a free gift set...they had me convinced! so now I am just waiting and going crazy waiting for the palette to get here! I can't wait to open up that box! its going to be like the best christmas ever! Sorry for all of the rambling, but I am so so so excited!

❤Until Next Time